The Ambassador of Swing Dance Fun Fitness

The World Is My Dance Floor

Actually…The World is your Dance Floor…. The World is OUR Dance Floor

You can find a dance floor everywhere – a park, your kitchen, the base of the Spanish steps in Rome

Dancing has amazing health benefits – physically, mentally and emotionally   

Dancing is great for fitness, weight loss, mental acuity, balance, social interaction, etc.

My mission is to get as many people dancing as possible by showing them how to go from sitting on the couch to the dance floor in 30 minutes!

Over 1 Million Views!

In 2005, Tom and Jeri made an instructional swing dance dvd, which was posted to YouTube in 2013 and has over 1,000,000 views to date!
In 2007, Tom, along with Lisa-Marie, Shirley and Jeri were invited to be the opening act for Sabato Gigante, in Miami, with over 11 million viewers.

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The Swing Dancer is dedicated to helping people who have never danced before or for people who feel they have two left feet. We are all meant for movement! Let's Dance!


World Record

In 2004 and again in 2017, Tom and his four dance partners set the Guinness World Record for swing dance flips.

Life Magazine

Tom and his partners performed at the Guinness World Records 50th-anniversary party in New York City. The group was also featured in 10 million copies of Life magazine, in 2005.

Tom's Accomplishments

Dance instructor/performer 1984-present  throughout the Mid-West, Fundraisers, Jaycee organizations, schools, colleges
1999-2004 Uptown Friday Nights 
2004 Guinness World Record Holder for the most swing dance flips in a minute
2004 Booked on Live with Regis and Kelly
2004 Performed at the Guinness 50th Anniversary party New York City
2005 Featured in Time Magazine 10 million copies
2005 Last Call with Carson Daly Show
2005 The Swing Dancer Series DVD released
2007 Opening act for Sabado Gigante – 11 million viewers
2011 Senior Expo performances Riverside – Muscatine
2013 Swing Dancer Series released on Youtube
2017 Reclaimed the Guinness World Record for the Most Swing Dance Flips in one minute
2017 The Swing Dancer series hits one million views on youtube!

My passion for dancing started after seeing “Grease” at the drive in theater

“When I was a farm boy from the small town of Welton, Iowa  (population 119)  I had no idea that my passion for dancing would take me to New York City, Hollywood, and Miami!
I have performed for millions of television viewers, helping people all over the USA, Australia, Britain, France, and Mexico get started dancing, and becoming a two time Guinness World Record holder.
Dancing has been an incredible journey in my life”


The Swing Dancer


Dancing Fundraisers

Tom creates “Dancing Fundraisers” for a wide variety of charities and causes. He has performed at major network shows, community events, colleges, high schools, elementary schools, assisted living centers, Senior Expos, organizations such as the Jaycees and Parrot Heads.​

Lectures and Weddings

Tom also offers lectures and performances at Senior Expos, assisted living centers, high schools, elementary schools, local Jaycee clubs.

Tom will also choreograph wedding dances for the bride and groom/wedding party​

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