2018 was an amazing year!

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Jan 16

2018 was such an amazing year!

The most amazing thing about following your passion and achieving success, is finding like minded people doing the same. I love meeting people who are following their passion and I want to help them promote their vision and take their talent out into the world!

I recently found all that and more in the band VANDELLO

To all you music lovers and dancers around the world, Vandello is an exciting new band you’ll want to follow. They play original tunes, modern vintage jazz, swing, some Buddy Holly style and much more!
I’ve been hooked on Vandello since I first saw them perform a few months ago! They have their first EP releasing on iTunes January 30th. I’ve heard their may be music videos coming soon???
Their music is amazing, a must have for your playlist.   
For now like the Vandello page on Facebook and visit their website http://www.vandelloband.com      
Help get this fantastic music out into the world and get more people dancing!
Vandello The Scotch Diaries
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Ever since I saw the movie “Grease” I have had this fantastic passion for swing dancing. This passion has taken me on an incredible journey. Today my passion is to get as many people to start dancing now and reap the amazing physical, mental and emotional health benefits of dancing.

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