I have taught dance classes for over 30 years and there is one common denominator in every class, everyone is smiling.  From the highly skilled to the non-dancer there is a feeling of energy, fun, passion and excitement.

There is an exciting documentary coming out, April 7th, called  “Alive and Kicking” all about modern day swing dancing.  These people exemplify the passion for swing dancing that hundreds of thousands of people around the world feel.

The tremendous thing about swing dancing is that you can do it all ages, even with or without a partner. 

I have worked on many routines by myself to Glenn Miller music, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Brian Setzer, even Billy Idol “Dancing with Myself”.  There are countless swing dance routines to learn, multiple footwork combinations, then creating special routines to various songs.

Check out “Alive and Kicking” and Get Dancing!

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