The Swing Dancer Video – Over 1 Million Views

By Tom Roeder | Updates

Jun 11

This past week our Swing Dancer video reached 1 Million views on YouTube!

Watch a copy of the video here:

In 2005 Jeri and I made an instructional swing dance dvd, which was posted to YouTube in 2013.

In 2007 Lisa-Marie, Shirley, Jeri and I were invited to be the opening act for Sabato Gigante, in Miami, with over 11 million viewers.

Get out there and dance today!


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About the Author

Ever since I saw the movie “Grease” I have had this fantastic passion for swing dancing. This passion has taken me on an incredible journey. Today my passion is to get as many people to start dancing now and reap the amazing physical, mental and emotional health benefits of dancing.

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