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Ever since I saw the movie “Grease” I have had this fantastic passion for swing dancing. This passion has taken me on an incredible journey. Today my passion is to get as many people to start dancing now and reap the amazing physical, mental and emotional health benefits of dancing.

Sep 24

1000 YouTube Subscribers!

By Tom Roeder | Updates

I want to send out a huge thank you, to our first 1,000 subscribers on The Swing Dancer  YouTube channel!

It’s been an amazing journey, spreading dance, fitness and happiness around the world!

I also want to encourage everyone to subscribe via email to  and like our Facebook page.

The instructional video has over 1.2 million views, seen in 136 countries to date.   It’s all about sharing the magic of dancing with people worldwide!  

The trip to Ireland to promote dancing was amazing, meeting people from all over the world! 

The language of dancing is universal, the reactions, smiles and laughter cross all borders.

Many exciting things are in the works, currently working on my first book “The World is My Dance Floor”, and perhaps a trip to Italy to the Milan Swing Dance Festival is in the works…updates to follow.

Keep Dancing!


Aug 19

The Swing Dancer Flips out in Ireland

By Tom Roeder | Updates

See the best flip videos on the Swing Dancer Facebook page here:
The ladies can be from Columbia, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, England and Ireland  They all love to be flipped by The Swing Dancer!
Dancing is such a unifying activity, great for our physical and mental health and so fun to do. 

Set your phones down for a little bit and try some dancing.  not sure where to start? 

Visit our home page and click on the learn to swing dance in 30 minutes video that will get you started on the magic of dancing
Aug 03

The Swing Dancer is going to Ireland!

By Tom Roeder | Updates

It’s nearly time for an Irish adventure! 

This will be my first time promoting dancing at an international level.  I will be traveling to Ireland and maybe other locations in Europe! So many places to see, people to meet and share the magic of dancing with.  Videos, photos and stories to follow on my mission of getting more people dancing!

Follow me on Facebook for the latest updates, videos and photos!

The Swing Dancer on Facebook

Let me know about must see places in Ireland and best dance venues! 

More to follow, Swing Baby!

Apr 23

The power of dance is International

By Tom Roeder | Updates

Watch this video about Jiving Jim in Ireland

Not only is he entertaining people through dancing, he is inspiring them with such positive messages.

This embodies everything I am doing with dance, the physical, mental and emotional benefits of dancing, and the powerful impact it can have on our lives at any age. 

The more this message can be spread world wide, the more people can add a phenomenal physical activity to their lives, to feed our minds and bodies with positive input in a sea of negativity.

Keep dancing!


Feb 01

Guinness Book of World Records makes it official

By Tom Roeder | Updates

The Guinness Book of World Records officially certified the “most swing dance flips per minute.”


The most swing dance flips in a minute is 40, and was achieved by Thomas Roeder (USA) at the University of Iowa Hall of Fame museum, in Iowa City, Iowa, USA, on 5 May 2017.

Thomas attempted this record to reclaim his previous record that was broken in 2006. Thomas achieved this record with the assistance of his dance partners Marissa, Sadie, Rachel and Emma.

Learn more here: Most Swing Dance Flips in a minute


Aug 29

Dancing has effect in reversing signs of aging

By Tom Roeder | Updates

Study after study is showing the incredible health benefits of dancing, physically, mentally and emotionally.  
Dancing is perhaps the best form of exercise there is, because it affects each of these areas, no other form of exercise does that.  
The important thing is just get started dancing!
Take a dance class, if you don’t have a dance partner right now, go line dancing, square dancing, local salsa lessons at area clubs.  
It’s all right there, you just need to get started and enjoy the magic of dancing today.
Read More here:
Jul 06

Drive Time 380 with Justin Roberts on Newsradio 600 WMT interviews The Swing Dancer

By Tom Roeder | Updates

Tom Roeder The Swing Dancer joined Justin Roberts on Newsradio 600 WMT today for a great interview!

They talked about how Tom reclaimed the World Record for flips per minute a second time!

Tom also explained how dance is good for health and how dancing may help lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s by 76%

Although there are limited dance halls today, you simply need to find a jukebox and create your own!

Listen to the complete interview here:

Click here to listen and learn more about Justin Roberts and Drive Time 380 on WMT 

Jun 11

The Swing Dancer Video – Over 1 Million Views

By Tom Roeder | Updates

This past week our Swing Dancer video reached 1 Million views on YouTube!

Watch a copy of the video here:

In 2005 Jeri and I made an instructional swing dance dvd, which was posted to YouTube in 2013.

In 2007 Lisa-Marie, Shirley, Jeri and I were invited to be the opening act for Sabato Gigante, in Miami, with over 11 million viewers.

Get out there and dance today!


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