Two left feet on the dance floor beats one butt sitting down

We are meant for movement

Our bodies are designed for movement, not to sit in front of a computer for hours on end, and then finish the day sitting down, watching television, scrolling through social media and filling our bodies with unhealthy foods.

Movement is for every stage of our lives. 

The health benefits of staying active are enormous.   Dancing is a perfect way to add movement to your day.  Try to fit in bits and pieces throughout your day, perhaps while you are getting ready in the morning, cleaning your home, or just set aside some time to work on some dance steps you saw on a youtube dance video.

Get off the couch and be active and vibrant your entire life. 

The benefits are incredible.   More stamina, better balance, improved cardiovascular and many more benefits physically and emotionally.   Get started today!!

The lady in this youtube video is 88 years old.  Great moves, high energy and she is having so much fun, a role model to all of us.