The World Is My Dance Floor

The World is your Dance Floor.... The World is OUR Dance Floor

You can find a dance floor everywhere - a park, your kitchen, the base of the Spanish steps in Rome

Dancing has amazing health benefits - physically, mentally and emotionally   

Dancing is great for fitness, weight loss, mental acuity, balance, social interaction, etc.

My mission is to get as many people dancing as possible by showing them how to go from sitting on the couch to the dance floor in 30 minutes!

Watch The Swing Dancer Video Here

Jun 11

The Swing Dancer Video – Over 1 Million Views

By Tom Roeder | Updates

This past week our Swing Dancer video reached 1 Million views on YouTube!

Watch a copy of the video here:

In 2005 Jeri and I made an instructional swing dance dvd, which was posted to YouTube in 2013.

In 2007 Lisa-Marie, Shirley, Jeri and I were invited to be the opening act for Sabato Gigante, in Miami, with over 11 million viewers.

Get out there and dance today!


May 06

Tom Roeder reclaims Guiness Book of World Record for doing the most swing dance flips in one minute

By Tom Roeder | Updates

We did it! We reclaimed the Guinness World Record for doing the most swing dance flips in one minute

40 flips in actually in 58 seconds!

The record has been in India since 2011, it will return to IOWA!

My dance partners were incredible, Marissa, Sadie, Rachel and Emma.

It was also the start of my effort to create a national campaign, “Dance for Alzheimer’s”, which I announced on KRNA 94.1, with Jaymz Larson that morning.

Watch the video here:

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Apr 30

Guinness World Record anniversary party in New York City

By Tom Roeder | Updates

Guinness World Records invited my dance partners and to perform at the Guinness World Record anniversary party in New York City

It was an excellent time, we received VIP passes to see “Live with Regis and Kelly”, toured New York City and finished up the trip performing our swing dance flips. 

The entire dancing experience has led to so many opportunities over the years.

We even were included in “Life” magazine with Guinness World Records, and over 10 million copies distributed.

Apr 30

The Swing Dancer the Carson Daly Show

By Tom Roeder | Updates

In 2005, my dance partner Shirley and I were invited out to The Last Call with Carson Daly Show, in Hollywood, for Big Bad Voodoo Daddy’s swing night.

Instead of being one of a number of swing dancers in the audience, the Carson Daly Show decided to put us right up by the stage, and we ended up sitting next to Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends, Kendra, Holly, Bridget and Audrey. This was right before Hugh Hefner came out with his tv show “The Girls Next Door”

At the Velvet Margarita, in Hollywood, Shirley and I were asked to perform a swing dance and demonstrate swing dance flips. The crowd was great and made it a lot of fun to do.

Mar 31

Amazing Swing Dance Video

By Tom Roeder | Updates

This group of young dancers tear up the floor during the Ultimate Lindy Hop Society finals.  Phenomenal speed and choreography, doing moves that amaze the audience.

The video is very entertaining to watch, however, don’t attempt these dance moves without proper instruction and safety precautions.  Due to the athletic moves involved, people could be injured trying to attempt these particular dance moves. 

I want everyone to safely enjoy the magic of dancing.  Start slow, learn a few moves and build from there.  Stretching out beforehand, good nutrition, drinking plenty of water will help keep you in condition to dance.   Swing on!

Mar 23


By Tom Roeder | Updates

I have taught dance classes for over 30 years and there is one common denominator in every class, everyone is smiling.  From the highly skilled to the non-dancer there is a feeling of energy, fun, passion and excitement.

There is an exciting documentary coming out, April 7th, called  “Alive and Kicking” all about modern day swing dancing.  These people exemplify the passion for swing dancing that hundreds of thousands of people around the world feel.

The tremendous thing about swing dancing is that you can do it all ages, even with or without a partner. 

I have worked on many routines by myself to Glenn Miller music, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Brian Setzer, even Billy Idol “Dancing with Myself”.  There are countless swing dance routines to learn, multiple footwork combinations, then creating special routines to various songs.

Check out “Alive and Kicking” and Get Dancing!

Mar 17

Two left feet on the dance floor beats one butt sitting down

By Tom Roeder | Updates

We are meant for movement

Our bodies are designed for movement, not to sit in front of a computer for hours on end, and then finish the day sitting down, watching television, scrolling through social media and filling our bodies with unhealthy foods.

Movement is for every stage of our lives. 

The health benefits of staying active are enormous.   Dancing is a perfect way to add movement to your day.  Try to fit in bits and pieces throughout your day, perhaps while you are getting ready in the morning, cleaning your home, or just set aside some time to work on some dance steps you saw on a youtube dance video.

Get off the couch and be active and vibrant your entire life. 

The benefits are incredible.   More stamina, better balance, improved cardiovascular and many more benefits physically and emotionally.   Get started today!!

The lady in this youtube video is 88 years old.  Great moves, high energy and she is having so much fun, a role model to all of us.